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We specialize in branding and visual identification for small business. We offer bundles as well as individual products and services.

We heve been designing, printing, fabricating and installing graphic and advertising products for businesses and individuals alike for over 25 years.

We print on paper, plastic, fabric, metal, and almost any object you can think of using a variety of printing methods.

Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

The vinyl graphics and inscriptions we make on vehicles can be divided into four main categories:
1) Decals and Lettering, 2) Partial Wrap, 3) Full Wrap, 4) Magnetic Signs

Decals and Lettering

Decals and lettering are applicable to give corporate identity to the vehicle or simple advertising. Are also widely used as: DOT signs, corporate signs, digits, numbers and letters.

These can be single objects cut from single-color self-adhesive foils or full-color graphics or logos. 

This is the cheapest and effective way to make your vehicle unique and standing out.

Partial Wrap

In general partial wrap works the same way as a full wrap but partial wrap it is a cheaper alternative. At a fraction of the cost the same goal is achieved by using partially the original vehicles body color.

This tehique also allows to combine separately cut letters and graphics with large areas of wrap which can make the vehicle even more attractive.

Full Wrap

Full vehicle wrap has multiple uses which includes:
- changing the color of the vehicle
- full body advertisement promoting the company or products
- corporate identity
- protecting the surface of the vehicle

We have a wide range of films and laminates for various applications.

Full vehicle wrapping service must always be preceded by an inspection of the vehicle and a meeting with our representative.`

Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are great as a temporary/ short term vehicle marking or temporary advertisement. They are perfect for year-round use, they are resistant to all weather conditions and do not damage the vehicles painting. 

Magnetic signs can be printed in full color, laminated and cut to any shape and size.

Please note that they can only be used on flat parts of the vehicle.

Truck Signs

Semi trucks and other commercial vehicles usually are using several different type of signage: DOT signs and numbers, corporate logos, fleet signs and numbers. We do all of them. In most cases, you can order them over the phone or online and they are ready to be picked up the same day.

At the customer's request, we will also install them  in our warehouse or in the customer parking lot.